CAT Recording Studio

About CAT

Des & Dawn Lindberg

Recording Producers

Producers of Business Theatre and Corporate Events 

Producers for Live Musical Stage, Entertainers, Musical Performers

Music recording and sound production is not a profession, it’s a passion! 

More than 50 years at the top end of the business of show business in South Africa. 

The CAT Studio Facilities

When we converted to the digital domain, we maintained a full analogue capability, interfaced with all the hardware and software in the studio.

We are a project studio with emphasis on creative production of music and effects tracks. We devise, compose and record material specially written for:

Corporate Functions


Motivational Songs

Awards Songs (modern praise songs)

Commemorative Songs

Promotional Songs


Fanfares and “Buttons”

Soundscapes and tracks for stage and multimedia use.

Notable Artists

Among the many well-known artists who have recorded at CAT Studios:

  • Steve Newman
  • Abigail Kubeka
  • Mara Louw
  • Not The Midnight Mass
  • The Soweto String Quartet
  • John Sithole
  • Lisa Melman
  • Wendy Oldfield
  • Pops Mahomed
  • Merle Thomson
  • Tessa Ziegler
  • Elfrieda Jordaan
  • Dave Lithins
  • Peter McLea
  • Victor Masondo
  • Paul Hanmer 
  • Sipho Hotstix Mabuse
  • Azumah
  • Pieter Toerien Productions Sound Tracks