Motivational & Keynote Speaking

Dawn Lindberg


Dawn Lindberg is a household name in South Africa. 

Best known as a theatre producer and entertainer, Dawn brings to the speaking circuit a series of topics which are motivational, informative, irreverent, humorous and personal. 

She has a direct, warm and witty approach which allows her audiences to relax and relate. 

Subjects include:-

“Every day is an Opening Night”: How to succeed in the 21st Century, balancing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of life, includes a motivational song.

“Unfreeze your Speaking Assets”: Pro-Active Seminar how to deal with nerves and become a better public speaker.


Des Lindberg

Living legend

The 1960’s was a period marked by Folk music and coffee bars, and Des led the scene at the Troubadour in Doornfontein. The renowned lyricist, mesmerized the world with his poetic folk hits; penning the famed “Seagull’s Name was Nelson” and “Die Gezoem Van die Bye”, both becoming Gold discs. A veteran, nay, a luminary of the music and entertainment industry, he exudes a genuineness and warmth that is present both in his music and talks.

His perfect command of prose and verse is engaging to listen to, and his speaking engagements, MC events and presenting gigs are filled with splashes of verse, emotion and just the right dose of vivid imagination. Like any great lyricist, especially one that went on stage almost every night for 50 years, Des draws on his life lessons, personal experience and global travels in a world before TV and social media.

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